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Full service entertainment company that focuses on legacy building and advocacy for all music creators and entertainers. We administrate and manage music catalogs, provide financial literacy, diversifying creatives income streams, provide life and concert insurance for creatives, manage some of the wealthiest fully independent artists and collect unclaimed royalties for all levels of music creators.

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We Have 200% Cleared Music for (Tv/Film, Commercial & In-Store) One-Stop: Easy clearance; music to cater your budget.

Genres: R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Hardcore Rap, Gospel, Christian Hip Hop, CCM, Jazz & Holiday

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What's a Music Legacy Builder?

A Music Legacy Builder is a creative that knows where their income is coming from, strong in financial literacy and knows how to pass down their music legacy. The music will outlive you. Too many estates stuck in probate court; because the family has no will or other documentation to gain access to the deceased catalog income. Will your legacy go to unknown companies, stay in limbo or go to your family?


Over $420 Million unclaimed or unmatched royalties are sitting or time has run out to claim. Find out where your money is and get all your artist and/or songwriter income before its too late…

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J.R. Got The Hits

Producer | Musician | Artist

“After more than a decade in the music industry I received my first ever ASCAP checks after I applied the knowledge I acquired from Benjamin Entertainment Group. I’ll always be grateful”




Music Exec
“Blessings and power to everyone I am Pastor Mo aka The StreetSweeper , they call me StreetSweeper because I work to clean the sometimes violent nasty mean streets of Detroit.
I come to bare witness on behalf of our great brother Courtney Benjamin and his company. I consider myself to be a great man and king on the board of life, I have knowledge of life, street power & clout as a former kingpin, political power as a activist, spiritual power as a Pastor, charisma, swagger and verbal skills as a rapper and honor as a husband & father that takes care of family first. But the one that has made me complete that I was lacking was something I received from my brother Courtney thru his company Benjamin Ent Group.
It was the knowledge and the jewelry on the keys of correctly setting up, professionally operating and legally maintaining my independent record label and Publishing Company God Mafia Records and Ink-N-wood publishing. Courtney Benjamin set me up early to be in position to acquire great wealth, prestige tide to generational wealth for my children’s children. One of the best things I ever did was humble myself to except the fact that tho I may have been great in other areas of my life and great as a rap artist however I was ignorant about the business side of hip hop and there was a whole entity of the knowledge and principles help I needed to achieve my dream of being a Independent Record Label. “


Swifty mcvay

Swifty Mcvay

Hip Hop Artist
“Working with Benjamin Entertainment Group these pass years has been a true blessing
From all of the hard work an dedication put in to wanting to see the artist win,
from the X amount of wisdom giving to empower artist to be the best that they can be not only independently,  but when working on a major status as well.
If you have questions they have answers and they always allow you to be yourself creatively while working day in an day out  to take artist to that next level on All Levels”