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Courtney Benjamin for nearly 20 yrs has been on a mission to create a culture of business minded music creatives. He has been the middle and behind the scenes man for many artists careers; with his expertise in music publishing gained him exposure bringing in over $50k+ in back and unclaimed royalties for artists such as Calvin Simon, Big Proof Estate, Rakim, Krs-One, Michael Jackson Estate, Janet Jackson, Jermaine Jackson and more. He’s landed numerous tv/film/commercial placements including GM, Ford, TvOne, Vh1, CBS and ABC; to name a few.

He is a professional member of the Recording Academy and also a long time member of NMPA (National Music Publishers’ Association). Educating artists, songwriters and producers has been and always will be a strong suit Courtney wears as he helps them navigate through the business of music.

“Everybody is doing music but not BUSINESS”
Courtney Benjamin, Founder

Who We Are

Founded: 2010

Founder: Courtney Benjamin


Empowering artists and music industry professionals by unveiling the often overlooked awareness of access, our mission stands on the pillars of strategic systems and industry expertise. We strive for longevity in the dynamic realm of music and entertainment, recognizing that the creations outlive the creators. Our commitment involves laying out a  foundation with a focus on ownership, securing all royalty streams, recovering back royalties, and establishing a protective framework for rights—ensuring legacy building begins now and endures for generations to come.

We are a comprehensive entertainment company collaborating with a diverse array of talent, including recording artists, accomplished songwriters, producers, and actors. Our esteemed clientele features notable names such as Christina Benjamin, BETH, Dodi, Just Chill Beats, Swifty Mcvay, Kima and more.

As a full-service entity, our offerings span artist management, music publishing, artist development, and education in the business of music. Our commitment lies in providing professional and dedicated support, guiding artists towards sustained success in the ever-evolving entertainment industry.


Our primary objective is to develop a community of music legacy builders, providing education and empowerment through targeted business training. This includes in-depth sessions on music publishing and record label operations, comprehensive financial literacy programs led by our expert financial team, strategic system development initiatives, and a profound understanding of rights and ownership facilitated by our dedicated legal team. Together, we aim to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the business of music.

Our focus extends beyond acquiring clients; we are dedicated to nurturing and empowering creatives, cultivating their skills in both craft and business, ensuring the safeguarding, service, and lasting legacy of their life’s work for future generations.

Core Values

FAITH: Acknowledging a higher purpose and aligning our actions with divine principles.

FAMILY FIRST: Prioritizing the well-being, support, and unity of our team as a foundational strength.

EXCELLENCE IN ALL THINGS: Committed to the pursuit of excellence, constantly raising the bar in every aspect of our endeavors.


Transforming creatives by shifting their hobby mindsets to a business mindset of longevity and legacy building. By adopting this business-oriented approach, creatives can not only enhance their immediate success but also lay the foundation for a lasting and influential legacy in the business of music.



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