Toot Stlouis

Toot StLouis


October 23rd Fur’Shanna “Toot ” St. Louis Haitian African American Born and raised Ft lauderdale FL,  A certified  Lakes baby is what She would say, mixed in with a bit of  “RR” rough Raleigh where she later moved to with her mother and siblings where they finished school. It was her beloved brother who pushed her to continue to make music “forreal , it was like he had football and i had music” she said . Furthermore, known for her Goddess Pain Music “Releasing my first tape “The Meek 7:8″ in 2014 after i lost my brother was harder to play back than making the tape physically. i was loosing me , I didn’t have the ambition like i told myself & it wasn’t until after i played the tape over and over i was like okay yeah Im in”. . .

It wasn’t long after That by Summer “16 She was releasing her second EP ‘SS16” Traveling state to state Ended On stage at SXSW 2017 Performing with Atlanta’s Very Own Street Execs With BlackRob Productions Alongside Out in Austin Texas, But that was not all she turned right back around and gave “Triple SiEte” in “18 Man this Chick is on FIRE! Now fast forward its 2020 & Toot hasn’t stopped yet on to soon release her 4th studio  Recorded EP Album “Pain Before The Pandemic” With the Guidance from her two Managers Ron Dixon & Courtney Benjamin She continues to grow as an artist in finding her own lane, leaving marks that weren’t there before! She Prepares to release the new sound of Toot, So Stay Tuned !

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